Is Hale Koolau right for me?

Hale Koolau is right for the adventure seeker, the nature lover, the person who understands that the best vacations are about escaping our regular routines and experiencing a different way of life.  Hale Koolau is for true beach lovers, not resort lovers.  There is no intricate resort pool with fake water falls, bars, restaurants, and fences too separate you from real nature.  You are on the beach.  Nature is everywhere.  You will be staying among our tropical flora and fauna which includes many types of critters and insects which we cannot control, no matter how much poison is sprayed into the environment.  Hale Koolau is for those who want to experience life in a small country town in Hawaii.  If this is what you are looking for then we say Aloha & E Komo Mai (welcome). 

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina i ka Pono. “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness”.   Hawaii State Motto.

Where are you located on Oahu?

We are on the North East coast of Oahu by the Polynesian Cultural Center in the town of Hauula, Hawaii, 96717. For printable driving directions and google map please click here.

Do you allow parties or events on the property?

WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ALLOW PARTIES OR EVENTS ON OUR PROPERTIES, except in our Nani Kai Hale (Beautiful Beach House).

This rule was put into effect to protect the rights of other guests and neighbors surrounding the property. If you would like to have a small get together with up to five (5) invited guests, please verify it through management by calling us at 1.888.236.0799. NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THIS RULE MAY RESULT IN YOUR IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM OUR PROPERTY WITHOUT REFUND.

What is a facilities fee?

Effective September 10, 2010 Hale Koolau began charging a nominal facilities fee on all rentals. This is a daily fee assessed for us to offset expenses related to ongong maintenance of hot tubs, air conditioners, salary of a maintenance person, etc. This is similar to the “resort” fees charged by Hotels in lieu of raising their room rates. Every renter must pay the daily facilities fee, even if some facilities are in repair or unavailable during your time of stay. Please consult your rental agreement regarding our policies with respect to equipment malfunction and temporarily unavailable services/facilities. If you have any questions please do not hesiste to contact us toll free at 888.236.0799 or send us a message from this site.

Who do I call in case of an emergency?

In case of emergency, please call 911 for immediate attention. Then please call us at 1.888.236.0799 so we may also address the incident wich has or is occuring at the moment. If you have any comments or concerns please feel free to call us anytime at 1.888.236.0799 so we may address your concerns in an appropriate manner.

Is there good fishing off the property?

There are reef fishermen who fish all along the coastline. We ask our guests not to fish off our sea walls so as to avoid possible injury to other guests. The reefs in front of our property, however, are public domain and you are welcome to fish there.

Are there any whale watching or fishing charters?

Yes, Hale Ko’olau has a preferred local operator in Haleiwa who can create an exclusive, one of a kind, fishing or whale watching tour for you. For more information please call 888.236.0799 or consult the in-suite guide located in your rental.

How far are you from the Arizona Memorial?

We are located approximately 45 minutes to one hour from the Arizona Memorial.

Are these stand alone homes or in a complex/condo?

We have eight (8) single family homes located directly next door to one another along the same stretch of beach. Six (6) of the homes are duplex style (two homes under one roof) and two (2) are stand alone. The duplexes are either side by side or upstairs and downstairs and can be combined to provide one large single family home for larger groups, if available. For more information about the rentals please return to the home page and click on the property name or photo to see it’s detail page.

How far are you from restaurants or grocery stores?

We are within walking distance to several restaurants around the Hauula Beach Park area. There are also two convenience stores (one open 24/7) and a large grocery store within walking distance. Within a 5 minute drive there are many other restaurants, a shopping center with grocery store and movie theater, fruit stands, souvenir stands, shrimp trucks, and more located in the towns of Punaluu, Laie, & Kahuku.

What is the Damage Insurance on my invoice?

Effective July 12, 2013 we quit collecting damage deposits.  In lieu of damage deposits we now require our guests to purchase an Accidental Damage Insurance policy covering up to $1,500.00 in damage to the property for the premium amount of $45.00.  This amount is added to the invoice automatically at the time a reservation is made and cannot be waived.

How far are you from the Airport & Pearl Harbor?

We are approximately 45 minutes to one hour from Honolulu International Airport (the only commercial airport on Oahu) and Pearl Harbor.

How far are you from Waikiki?

Depending upon traffic, we are approximately one hour to one and one half hours from Waikiki.

How far are you from Turtle Bay?

We are only ten (10) minutes south of Turtle Bay and are on the east (sunrise) side of the North Shore.

How far are you from Kaneohe?

We are 25-30 minutes from Kaneohe and 45 mintues from Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

How far are you from Haleiwa?

We are 25-30 mintues east of Haleiwa, just past Sunset Beach and Turtle Bay and are on the east (sunrise) side of the North Shore.

Who will check us in? How will we get the keys to our rental?

Our automated reservation system will send you an email prior to arrival with further instructions. We will arrange to meet you at the property on your day of arrival. It is extremely important that you notify us in advance what your flight number is and what time you are scheduled to arrive in Honolulu. We ask that you please call us at 1.888.236.0799 after you land and before you begin heading up to the property so that we will know you’re only 45 minutes to 1 hour away. We will check you in and answer your questions upon your arrival. Please note that, per the terms of the rental agreements, we charge a late check-in fee of $20.00 for arrivals after 6:00 p.m. and until 10:00 p.m. We charge $40.00 for arrivals after 10:00 p.m.

How do I make my final payment?

We use an automated reservation management system and all payments are processed automatically on the dates indicated on your reservation confirmation and invoice. You do not need to do anything as our system will automatically debit the card on record and send a notice to you about the payment. If you wish to make your final payment on a different card or to pay amounts early you must do this BEFORE the due date on your invoice. To update your card information simply call us.

What activities are close by?

The North Shore of Oahu is the more nature based side of the island with single family homes, beach parks, and beautiful views everywhere. You’ll come to our side of the island to enjoy great hiking, reef snorkeling, horseback riding, bird watching, surfing, shark adventuers, skydiving, and so much more. For more information on nearyby activites please click here?

Can you recommend a massage thearapist?

Hale Koolau has an agreement with a professional licensed massage therapist. You can select the massage service you desire when you are making your reservation under the “optional services”. We will then put you in direct contact with him to schedule at your convenience.

Do you provide dishes, towels, sheets, etc?

Yes, we provide everything needed for the rental homes including cooking utensils, dishes, towels, sheets, and complete kitchens. Please note that we provide two (2) bath towels for each registered guest only and do not provide beach towels. Also, due to health code and liability requirements we do not provide any condiments or spices for cooking. Opened condiments and food items must be discarded after guests depart and cannot be kept for future guests.

Our rentals are 100% self catering. There is no daily room cleaning/service and guests are responsible to handle their own laundry needs after arrival. Each rental, however, is cleaned and ready to go (including laundry) upon arrival.

Is there a T.V.? Cable? Phone? Internet Access? DVD?

Each of our rentals has cable TV with a DVD player & a stereo with CD player. Due to changing consumer habits we have decided to remove all land based lines from our rentals as of January 1, 2011.

We have complimentary high-speed wireless internet throughout our property, including the beachfront areas.

Do you give any discounts?

Yes, we provide “last minute” discounts of 10-15% off reservations made within twenty (20) days of arrival.  This discount is applied automatically by our online reservation management system. Otherwise, we are proud to offer all repeat guests a ten percent (10%) discount off their reservations at anytime except Christmas/New Years. Please call us toll free at 888.236.0799 if you have any questions or would like to request a discount.

What is the beach like in front of the rentals?

This is a subjective question and depends mostly on the weather we are having at the time. Due to adverse swells and other conditions, the beach may or may not have a lot of sand. Those times when the beach is not sandy is unpredictable. the water directly in front of the rentals contains reef which is fairly good for snorkeling. We are located on the North side of Hauula Bay and good permanent sand bottom swimming is a short walk down the beach in front of the public beach park area.

What is the weather like when I plan to be there?

This is a subjective question. We are unable to predict the weather at any given time as the weatehr of the Hawaiian Islands is very unpredictable. It has been our experience, however, that during the winter months (November to March) it is generally wetter than during the other months of the year. Being on an island surrounded by open ocean the weather can change suddenly and unexpectedly. If you want historical weather data, please visit www.weather.com and use our zip code of 96717 for more information.

Do you have snorkel equipment or boogie boards for our use?

We are proud to offer our guests one-stop shop when it comes to beach equipment and amenities. For a nominal fee, we have US Diver PRO snorkel gear (child to adult sizes), boogie boards, surfboards, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards. In addition to these items, we also have back-pack beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and much more. Stop by our on-site office when you arrive to check-out the amenities you would like to enjoy. First come, first serve availability, but we usually have enough for everyone.

An automated email highlighting our optional services and equipments is emailed to guests prior to arrival.  Also, each rental has a Guest Services directory which lists our services and equipment together with pricing.

Do you have BBQ grills available for use?

Yes, we have barbeque grills throughout the property which may be used free of charge.

Do you provide beach towels & chairs?

We do not provide beach towels or beach chairs, however we do have many chaise lounge chairs along the oceanfront of the property for common use. Additionally, each rental has its own table and chairs to use for outdoor dining if desired.

Is there an iron or hairdryer in the rental?

Each rental is equippend with an iron and ironing board. We do not provide hair dryers.

Do you charge for phone calls?

Effective January 1, 2011 we removed all land-based phone service from our vacation rentals.

With changing consumer habits we came to realize that most guests now travel with cellular phones, therefore to reduce costs and keep our rentals affordable we have eliminated all land-based phone lines.

Is there a washer & dryer to use?

Yes, we have several common laundry areas with coin-operated washers & dryers. Some rentals have their own coin-operated washers and dryers located inside the rental, except that the Nani Kai Hale (Beautiful Beach House) has a complimentary extra large capacity washer & dryer. WE DO NOT PROVIDE LAUNDRY SOAP OR BLEACH.

Is the property in a safe neighborhood?

As expected, most of the crime on Oahu occurs in the more densely populated urban areas of Waikiki, Honolulu Downtown, Pearl City, etc. Due to less population density on our side of the island, it is understandable that our actual instances of crime are lower.  Hauula has some of the lowest crime rates on the entire island of Oahu.  For more information, you may want to visit the Honolulu Police Department’s website at www.honolulupd.org.

Is the beach safe for children and swimming?

For liability reasons, we cannot speculate on the safety of the beach for your children. We can, however, say that our coastline is protected by barrier reefs and there is good sandy bottom swimming a short walk from the property where many residents bring their small children to play. Of course, if the weather is rough or you feel that conditions are not suitable for your level of swimming, you should never enter the water. WHEN ENTERING THE WATER, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. HALE KOOLAU IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCIDENTS THAT MAY OCCUR WHEN YOU ARE IN THE WATER AS WE DO NOT PROVIDE A CERTIFIED LIFEGUARD ON OUR PROPERTY.

Are the hot tubs private or shared?

We have four (4) hot tubs located throughout the proeprty in dedicated common areas for everyone’s use, except that the Nani Kai Hale (Beautiful Beach House) has its own private hot tub.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we require a 25% non-refundable deposit to hold all reservations. Reservations may be made online at anytime using our online booking systems. Under no circumstances do we hold reservations without a deposit.  The rentals are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can we use the hose to wash our car?

We have no problem with guests using our garden hoses to wash their cards, but we do ask that you please clean up after yourself (eg: coiling the hose back up, and picking up any materials you may have used).

Do you rent cars too or know of any good deals?

No, we do not rent cars and much like you have no access to any special deals or promotions.  We have noticed that Budget car rental at Honolulu International has the best rates.